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Key Topics

A mix of structured and open projects allows you to learn fundamental skills as well as develop key skill sets and styles in pursuit of your individual career ambitions

A dark robotic figure from the game "Atactic"
A robot with a shotgun from the game "Atactic"

3D Modelling

Learn the workflows and processes of creating all kinds of models, from stylised props to hyper-realistic characters

An illustration of a man hiding in a dragon cave
A dragon illustration from the game "Dragons Lair"

Concept Art

All ideas need to start somewhere, and concept art is used to develop the aesthetics of all games and animations

Games and Industry Analysis

Gain an understanding of how the industry functions on a practical and creative level. [This will require you to play games and/or watch animations to complete your theory work!

Martian Quest's lead character, illustrated in bright colours
Martian Quest's lead character, illustrated in bright colours

Video Game Designer

Developing concepts for new video games. Creating, storylines and characters, then working with a creative team of designers and developers through the game production process to bring your game to life.

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