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Game Art and Animation Accredited Course Dual Diploma CUA51020: Diploma of Screen and Media and CUA51120: Diploma of Visual Arts

About the course

About the Course

Begin by learning the fundamental skills used in the creation of game art and animation. After learning a broad set of skills, you will be able to focus on the skill sets you want to master and discover how they fit within the industry. As an individual artist you can pursue your own styles and goals within the structure of the curriculum.

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The Most Innovative Gaming Focused Training Organisation.

We are an Australian-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 6537). We are founded by experts in the training sector, technology and gaming sector. Take on the experience of a lifetime and change your world forever, get the promotion, get the recognition, get your career going by getting qualified with Rich Gaming Academy.

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Why us

Career Focused

Career Focused Outcomes & Pathways into Employment


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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

 To Suit Your Lifestyle

Course Delivery

Blended Learning: Online & Classroom

CUA51020 -Diploma of Screen and Media

Engage in blended  learning allowing you to gain and master skills more efficiently and effectively than traditional education methods

Fundamental skills and tools are learned through structured and perpetually updated online content meaning that you can revise content at any time. This means classroom sessions will not be weighed down by the delivery of generic content and instead can focus on developing an understanding of higher concepts and ideas on the implementation of creativity, troubleshooting and problem-solving individual projects, and discussing key industry topics with your peers and advisors. 

A project focussed accredited diploma means that as well as gaining a fully recognised qualification you will also acquire extensive hands-on experience and valuable showreel content

Course Duration: 41 Weeks

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kickstart your Gaming Industry Career. Our mission is the essence of our why and the driver of what we do. Our passion is people, our students, and the amazing things they can do when given the opportunity to do them, so this is what we offer.

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Key Topics

A mix of structured and open projects allows you to learn fundamental skills as well as develop key skill sets and styles in pursuit of your individual career ambitions

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