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Who are we

Rich Gaming academy is the leading academy in its field. 

After studying with us you will be poised to be involved in a variety of industry opportunities. From independent games and contracting needs to game studios or creating your own digital content. Rich gaming academy will be the launching pad to the rest of your career in this booming industry.

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What We Do

We see every single student as an investment. You and your goals are our focus and we support you in achieving those goals with access to exceptional trainers, industry-leading technology and training resources and a team backing you all the way! We like to be flexible and fun, to suit you with hands-on learning or top-notch digital learning so you can excel in your courses. Our industry experienced trainers & support team are there for you.

We don’t ‘sell’ courses and we don’t ‘push’ qualifications, we offer the opportunity to level up your life, connect with the best technology, develop amazing skills, develop a sense of self, develop the future you want by creating confidence in yourself.

Our Vision

Our mission is the essence of our why and the driver of what we do. Our passion is people, our students, and the amazing things they can do when given the opportunity to do them, so this is what we offer.

We are an Australian-owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID: 6537). We are founded by experts in the training sector, technology and gaming sector. Take on the experience of a lifetime and change your world forever, get the promotion, get the recognition, get your career going by getting qualified with Rich Gaming Academy.

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Come Play with Us

Our training is fun, interactive and most of all, practically useful in the $314 billion dollar gaming industry. Delivery methods include public and onsite face to face and virtual training. We can tailor programs to align with any students individual learning requirements. 

Join an academy with like minded individuals, focused on what they are passionate about, creative, fun and uplifting.

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Potential Career Pathways

2D/3D Animation

Animation is the creation of a virtual world in which everything must be visualized and created from pure imagination. Everything within frame has scope, weight and meaning. Animators need to be able to visualize new worlds into being. 

A 2D Animator creates movement in a two-dimensional space for film, TV, websites, video games and advertisements using either traditional cel methods or computer software.

3D Modelers build and sculpt digital characters, props, machines, and environments — often referred to as “assets” — which are then rigged and animated by an Animator, or placed (as a stationary or simmed object) in a scene by a Layout Artist. They start with a brief or by gathering reference materials; often they are provided with concept art or a 3D scan of a prop, character or vehicle from the live-action shoot or a third party site. 

3D Modelling

Modelers are an exciting part of the creation experience. Modelers are responsible for helping to make a film or game more dynamic, adding personality and emotion to its characters, and building on the overall realism of the story. 

A Modelers skillset  include a mix of technical, creative skills, and interpersonal skills. An understanding of anatomy, zoology, and basic rigging and asset creation is also useful in this role. 

Employers are often searching for the following skills in an Modeler:

An understanding of form, colour and texture, and know how these elements work together 

Capacity to discern, interpret and follow reference material to create clean, detailed and accurate models


Game Environment

The role of the Environment Artist is an exciting and fulfilling one. The role is to create the backgrounds, layouts and environments within a film or game. Game environment artists use computer software to design and sculpt the 3D backdrop in which characters, vehicles, weapons, objects, etc operate and interact. 

The responsibilities of the Environment Artist may include:

Texturing and modeling elements

Liaising with various team members and key Lead Artist regarding the layout and style of environments within the film or game

Working from storyboards and concept art to develop environments

Researching references and resources for creation of backdrops

Creating prototypes and mock-ups in the early stages of production

Character Design​

A Character Artist specialises in the conceptualisation of characters for films, TV shows and games.

This includes the ability to imagine the character from different perspectives, showing action, anatomy and unique expressions that define the character and bring it to life.

Character Designers must excel in taking direction, visualising from abstract concepts and communicating their ideas. They produce the initial designs and set the tone for key imagery within a film or game. 

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